Safety at work / HSE

We at Promas AS are constantly striving to maintain a strong focus on HSE. Our main focus areas are safety at work in our offices, low absence/sick leave and sustainable production and operation.

We are proud of our good statistics on absence and injuries.

The aim of our quality policy can be summarised in 4 key areas:

  • 100% on time delivery.
  • Supplying 100% accuracy in terms of customer requirements and expectations.
  • Safety in the workplace at Promas. “Everyone will return home safely after work”.
  • We will not pollute the environment.

Our vision is that “we will be the customers first choice”.

Our quality policy is that we will produce goods and services to offshore and land based industries in Norway. We will produce the products in accordance with the customers requirements and specifications. We will be flexible and service minded so that we can take on challenging projects.

In fulfilling the requirements in our quality system and in ISO 9001:2008 we will stay ISO certified. We will continuously improve our quality system with an overall target of being ‘right the first time’.

To achieve this we will:

  • Engage in quality work.
  • Involve our co-workers.
  • Continuously assess our processes.
  • Focus on improvement and customer satisfaction.